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The Top Web Sites in France are from America

July 5, 2016 / CherChoo / The Top Web Sites in France

The United States is often cited as a country without a culture, or at least a culture to call its own. And in large part, that is true. Their food, literature, music, architecture, even their laws and judicial system are a patchwork of ideas borrowed from other lands or brought in with the millions of […]

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A Public Job Service Is a Frequently Visited Site in France

June 12, 2016 / CherChoo / How to work sites in our life

Among the top 20 sites visited by Internet users in France is, a Public Site for finding employment nationally. The name translates to ‘Employment Center’, and is a public administrative establishment tasked with helping French citizens find gainful employment that matches their skills and interests. The office can trace its roots back to the […]

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Sports Site in France Hits the Top 20

March 24, 2016 / CherChoo / How to work sites in our life

France may be a world center for art, cuisine and fashion, but they do love their sports as well. The site, a site dedicated to sports, consistently ranks in the top 20 sites visited by people from all corners of France and abroad. L’EQUIPE covers all aspects of sports, both national and global, as […]

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